Our school has been designed to create a warm community feel in the city of Dubai.

The building has four floors, with innovative outdoor spaces throughout and includes specialist science laboratories, information technology centres and two indoor swimming pools, one of which is dedicated to foundation stage learners.

All foundation stage spaces meet KHDA requirements. They are designed to be entirely separated from the rest of the school, with their own entrance and exit, drop off arrangements, and no access for the rest of the school, unless invited.

All FS classrooms and learning/play spaces are on the ground floor. Activity Rooms are included for play and exercise.

All Year 1 and 2 classrooms are also on the ground floor and all Year 3 and 4 classrooms will be no higher than the first floor.

Cedar School will have the following distinctive features:

  • large classroom spaces (minimum 56 sqm) that provide a good environment for learning
  • state of the art science and technology facilities (with practical labs exceeding 84 sqm)
  • state of the art IT and computing facilities, including: Internet and modern displays in every classroom as well as subject resources available online at home
  • identifiable subject ‘areas’ - each established around a subject department and providing space for teachers to work one-on-one and in groups with students in order to promote the subject as well as the love of learning
  • a library, with research and computing capabilities
  • a large multi-purpose hall in which the whole school can meet together for assemblies and for formal occasions to build identity and a sense of community
  • a canteen
  • a 4-lane swimming pool and FS learner pool
  • football, basketball, netball and additional sports facilities
  • two staff rooms, as well as the subject bases for teachers to use together or with students
  • a dedicated parents’ welcoming area in reception plus convenient drop-off areas with different entrances for foundation stage children as opposed to junior and secondary school students - to improve safety and to ease traffic flow for parents and buses.