The school will adhere to the framework of the British curriculum. Teachers will be encouraged to enhance and extend the curriculum where possible in the normal course of their work, as well as through additional clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities.

Our children will be empowered to demonstrate:

  • leadership – leading by example and leading others

  • problem solving – analytical and critical thinking

  • creativity – the ability to develop original ideas that have value

  • resilience –the disposition to persevere through challenges

  • decision making skills – making appropriate choices in a range of situations

  • responsibility for themselves and others – seeing themselves as part of a community

  • a commitment to hard work and continuous self-improvement- seeing effort as the path to improvement.

The British curriculum provides an ‘entitlement curriculum’ up to the end of Key Stage 3, which means that students in each age cohort will study the same subjects, regardless of their background, nationality or level of academic attainment. Using their teaching plans, teachers will be helped to identify special needs and gifted provision ensuring the full ability range is addressed and supported.

In Key Stage 4, students will be provided with a good range of subject choices that meet their interests and capabilities.

Guidance will be available in Year 9 that gradually builds up through the year in order to help students arrive at good choices that offer the right balance for them, as individuals between focus and breadth.

To ensure that our learners are fully equipped to achieve this, we will:

  • set challenging academic targets that deepen our learners’ thirst for knowledge

  • maintain high expectations for effort and achievement in all aspects of the school

  • prioritise goal-setting as an integral component of teacher-student relationships

  • demand participation in other pursuits parallel to the curriculum

  • expand our students’ general knowledge, wider reading and evaluation of world events

  • provide additional support and extended challenges in literacy and numeracy

  • expose our children to a range of digital technologies that facilitate research, inquiry and independent learning

  • facilitate the development of essential life skills to enable self-reliance

  • give equal opportunity for every student to participate in all activities

  • support access to the world’s top universities through mentoring and extension programmes.

The development of strong character traits is essential to build internal strength and courage, as children develop a sense of identity and place within the world. Our children will learn how to improve themselves, communicate with others and prioritise the importance of helping others. The values they embody will be fundamental to their success as global citizens.