Message from the Principal


Janet Williams-Ipek 
Founding Principal

Welcome to Cedar School where we truly put the education of the child front and centre of everything we do!  My team of professionals are highly skilled in not just academics but have the skills and passion to make a difference in each and every child that walks through our doors.

Cedar School pupils will grow to be respectful, responsible, self-disciplined individuals with a high degree of compassion and integrity.  They will understand and appreciate their place in the world by being confident in their values and heritage and have the skills to integrate successfully in an ever-increasing global environment. 

Our rigorous, yet inclusive academic programme, will ensure that all are educated to the best of their ability and to an internationally recognised level.  As your child grows and moves through our school you can rest assured that our British education system will provide the best in quality of knowledge and the opportunity to develop skills that will serve your child well throughout their lives. 

The world is an ever-changing place and here at Cedar School we endeavour to provide all children an environment that is motivating, challenging and rewarding.  A place where children feel welcomed, safe and excited about learning and wake up everyday looking forward to coming to school.  Schools are much more than academics and therefore we believe that we are educators and not just teachers.

Cedar School is more than just a school – it is a family.  We never underestimate the importance of family involvement in your child’s development and thus invite all our parents to be actively involved. Throughout each academic year it is my sincere hope that we all work together to enhance your child’s experiences and learning.