Our Primary School

Across our primary school, we pursue the highest possible standards of teaching and learning so that the curriculum stretches and challenges all children.

Our lessons include situations where imagination and creativity are a prime area of focus. We also emphasise on real-world challenges and applying knowledge to them. To achieve these goals, teachers use a variety of teaching methods enabling students to reach their full potential.

The main strategy for Teaching and Learning will therefore involve:

  • emphasis on subject knowledge and passion on the part of the teacher in order to inspire a love for the subject in their pupils
  • classroom teaching that carries the lesson to students with vigour and pace and stretches students beyond the constraints of the syllabus
  • attention given to questioning techniques in order to mix higher level complex questions with more straightforward questions
  • well-structured lessons that involve group work and individual work, supported by stimulating resources
  • regular marking of students’ work that is detailed, individual and shows clearly how to improve/extend
  • the use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) techniques, to identify prior knowledge, engage students actively, to boost feedback (two ways) and support differentiated instruction where needed.

In summary, and from the learning perspective, teachers will be expected to maintain a relationship with their students where:

  • teaching starts from what students know, think, believe, and feel
  • students will have their teachers’ respect
  • the environment will be safe and conducive to learning, without noise, discomfort or unnecessary distraction
  • objectives will be shared and resources will be planned so they are accessible
  • two-way feedback will keep the teaching and learning in step
  • students are guided in understanding where they are and what they need to do next
  • students can safely take risks, and with the knowledge that learning from experience is valued highly, and
  • students are given increasing control over their learning.

The school will engender a culture of teacher collaboration and mutual support, founded on evidence-based inquiry into the effective implementation of the curriculum and the teaching and learning approaches. Technology will be integrated appropriately into all modules as a tool for enhancing the learning.