Technology & Innovation

Technology and Innovation are essential components of modern life, and at Cedar School, both will be incorporated across all aspects of the curriculum. The rationale for Information & Communication Technologies learning is:

  • to equip all students with core ICT skills, allowing them to create and edit digital material whether in the form of text, photographs, video or sound
  • to give access to enhanced learning opportunities (e.g. in coding, sensing and control and communications) to all those who select computing or computer science as a specialist area of study
  • to integrate computing-use naturally in the study of certain subjects (for example, the use of spreadsheets in mathematics and editing tools in English and photography)
  • to familiarise students with online learning, through Internet access to additional learning resources beyond the normal school day
  • to use ICT where appropriate to supplement and enhance the learning of students with special educational needs.

New technology tools will be used throughout the school, with the latest interactive boards in all classrooms. Staff will coordinate and check online resources so that technology use is safe. The preferred mode for students is for them to be active and constructive authors and contributors rather than passive recipients of online content. The school will encourage each subject department to nominate software and applications that allow students to practice their knowledge and skills thoroughly, with active feedback. One member of each Department will hold a remit for new technology.

Coding will be available in the curriculum from Key Stage 1 and in after-school clubs. Students will learn to use editing tools, design tools and robotics. Applications will be updated as improvements in technology emerge.